Part Timers!

From the ages 16 to around 18, we get stuck in that terrible part time job! But we need the money so we stick to it, we stick through the disrespect from customers and even managers!

But am I the only one that believes us teens get disrespected within a part time job just because we are part timers? Just because we are young? The bosses/managers of your work place know that the only reason you are staying there is because of the money! We only gain, what £3 something an hour? £3 an hour of disrespect!

This is another crucial part of growing up, this is what our parents push us into as soon as its your 16th birthday! “You can go out and get a part time job now!” “You can earn your own money now!” well thanks for the Happy 16th mum and dad!

Our parents will never understand some of the struggles teenagers in our days go through now, it always leads back to that dreaded “well, when I was your age…” But your not my age, and quite frankly you don’t know half of the crap us teenagers have to go through.

The worst thing about a part time job is the customers! “Hiya Sir, do you need any help?” *man walks away with a disgusted look on his face* What happened to ‘No thank you’ !! Being a young girl in the workplace some how gives older men the ability to confront us? To discriminate us just because we are a young girl trying to get through a days work. One time, a man backed me into a corner not letting me move away…THATS NOT OKAY. Since when would that ever be okay? But because I’m a young girl, people let it slide, people don’t see how bad or scary that could be for me; because I’m only a young girl working in a part time job that no one gives a damn about.



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