Valentines day? What a pressured kind of day. Where we are pressured into buying soppy gifts or arranging the best kind of day for our loved ones.  When in reality valentines day is a day where couples feel happy about themselves and single/unhappy couples just feel, well, crappy about themselves.

Why do flowers and chocolates need to be presented to our other half to show passion and romance? Shouldn’t those two key words be something that comes naturally in the relationship? Or has society really gotten this bad in making us believe that one day should define all our affection for one another?

Now don’t get me wrong, yes, even I get excited over valentines day. When maybe my boyfriends right? Its just a damned day! I shouldn’t need to show MORE love on just a made up day.

Now saying all this, yes, yes I will always say “Happy Valentines day” and the little date you go on, but without the sentence that’s our normal kind of day out? We’ve just added a passionate sentence to show we’ve acknowledged what the day is.

What I’m trying to say is that, don’t go out and beyond for ONE day. Why not once a week? Why not every Sunday? One day should never define how much you love someone. And if you think that one day should define all this then that means you should get off your arse and show your girlfriend/boyfriend MORE LOVE.


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