Argh, acne.

As any normal teenager spots become a common thing…But acne, acne is different and my god don’t it make you feel awful.

Many people tell me “Its just your teenage years, it’ll clear up.” Or the most common comment is “Just stop wearing makeup, thats your problem!”  Stop wearing makeup? You mean go out with big, red, angry monsters on my face? No thank you.

I extremely respect the girls who can openly face the world with their acne, especially if its really bad. But me, no, never will I gain the confidence to attend college or go shopping with not one thing on my face that at least covers the redness; I just can’t do it, I mean, okay some days it isn’t so bad, but when its bad, gosh, its bad!

Am I the only one who gets brought to tears with the sight of these nasty things? Am I the only one that has taken days out of college just because they can’t face going out with it or even attempt covering it up? No? Just me?

I have tried so much, so much products from different makeup to different cleansing face wash to even doctor recommended brands, but nothing… I’m still here with my big angry monsters and I hate it. I’ve watched youtube tutorials of girls giving other girls advice; I came across one, she said. “You just need to accept it, go out and let it all breath, accept you have acne” ACCEPT THAT I HAVE ACNE? GO OUT AND LET IT BREATH? Excuse me, why don’t you take in that some girls just can’t physically do that? That some girls can’t build that kind of confidence? Sometimes a girl depends on makeup for how it makes HER feel, because it makes HER feel beautiful, and in my case, I’m that girl.

I’m tired of people telling me “just stop with the makeup” because I won’t do it, I will do everything else in my power to calm and get rid of this acne, but facing the world with it, thats just something I’m not prepared to do. I have people who I feel comfortable around and they will be the people I let my face breath around. But walking into a place thats full of judgemental bullies and stuck up girls who contour every inch of their face is something that I know many girls wouldn’t do.

So, yes, fight for your acne to disappear because one day it will! But don’t ever feel pushed into facing the world with something you are not comfortable with. You wanna cover your face in makeup because it makes you feel more beautiful? Go for it girl! Don’t let someone keep blaming your acne on you going out with makeup on because I know that behind closed doors you are trying every little thing to help your acne go down, so don’t you listen to these judgemental divs. Your beautiful however you address yourself, acne or no acne.



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