Right guy’s, I’m back! I apologise for the lack of my posting recently, exams and results and don’t forget the job hunting all got in the way of my passion for blogging! So I’m back and with a subject that’s really getting to me lately.

Feminism. A word that has been floating around the internet/news and even on our print. I am not a feminist, now let me just tell you why.

I understand, by posting this blog I am in the firing line from ‘feminist’ disagreeing with me and I am open to your views BUT. Feminist are becoming extremely popular because they’re fighting for the rights of a female voice, especially for equality with men and women. I do not agree with how they’re going about it…should men really always have to pay for any kind of outing with a girl? Is that equality? I don’t think so; I never let my boyfriend pay for a meal without me at least offering to go halves – thats just a standard ‘how not to be a bitch’ guideline.

But there is so much more on why I am not a feminist. They fight so much for our voices to be heard but once an individual (likely to be female) disagrees with this; Feminist attack. Feminist are making young women think its wrong for a boyfriend or even husband make us stay in or cook them a meal, they portray men as monsters…I will not bow down to modern day feminism because my boyfriend is not a monster for wanting me to stay home some nights!

The suffragettes fought hard for women’s rights, our rights to vote and to be heard. Now it’s just out of control and quite frankly belittling the opposite sex. I understand there can be men who do discriminate women, but not all men are like that, so why brainwash young girls into thinking they are? Feminism went from letting us be heard to shaming those who decide to stay at home and be a good partner. IT’S OUR DECISION, OUR CHOICE, OUR LIFE. I get more ‘discrimination’ of off women than I ever have men. Doesn’t that say something?

Ghostbusters! What do you think when you think of ghostbusters? That catchy song? Those 4 funny guys out fighting badly edited ghosts? Well now, in 2016 this is discrimination towards women because there was no female leading role. Really? The film was attacked so much, we now have a modern day ghostbusters with entirely women and one male who is completely portrayed as stupid. This isn’t right.

Modern day feminism has gained their voice but taken the voices of men. I do not need feminism because it is not empowering to use your gender as a tool.