Right guy’s, I’m back! I apologise for the lack of my posting recently, exams and results and don’t forget the job hunting all got in the way of my passion for blogging! So I’m back and with a subject that’s really getting to me lately.

Feminism. A word that has been floating around the internet/news and even on our print. I am not a feminist, now let me just tell you why.

I understand, by posting this blog I am in the firing line from ‘feminist’ disagreeing with me and I am open to your views BUT. Feminist are becoming extremely popular because they’re fighting for the rights of a female voice, especially for equality with men and women. I do not agree with how they’re going about it…should men really always have to pay for any kind of outing with a girl? Is that equality? I don’t think so; I never let my boyfriend pay for a meal without me at least offering to go halves – thats just a standard ‘how not to be a bitch’ guideline.

But there is so much more on why I am not a feminist. They fight so much for our voices to be heard but once an individual (likely to be female) disagrees with this; Feminist attack. Feminist are making young women think its wrong for a boyfriend or even husband make us stay in or cook them a meal, they portray men as monsters…I will not bow down to modern day feminism because my boyfriend is not a monster for wanting me to stay home some nights!

The suffragettes fought hard for women’s rights, our rights to vote and to be heard. Now it’s just out of control and quite frankly belittling the opposite sex. I understand there can be men who do discriminate women, but not all men are like that, so why brainwash young girls into thinking they are? Feminism went from letting us be heard to shaming those who decide to stay at home and be a good partner. IT’S OUR DECISION, OUR CHOICE, OUR LIFE. I get more ‘discrimination’ of off women than I ever have men. Doesn’t that say something?

Ghostbusters! What do you think when you think of ghostbusters? That catchy song? Those 4 funny guys out fighting badly edited ghosts? Well now, in 2016 this is discrimination towards women because there was no female leading role. Really? The film was attacked so much, we now have a modern day ghostbusters with entirely women and one male who is completely portrayed as stupid. This isn’t right.

Modern day feminism has gained their voice but taken the voices of men. I do not need feminism because it is not empowering to use your gender as a tool.


31 thoughts on “Feminism.

  1. I definitely agree at what you are trying to get at. One thing that would help is for society to create fewer gender biased films, and instead create more films where both genders are portrayed in equal ways.

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  2. I think you’ve missed a huge part of what feminism is about and why it’s still absolutely necessary. Of course particularly if you look at some other parts of the world, but also here. Also, I’m not sure where you get the idea that feminists believe men should pay for everything: That’s a generalization that I furthermore believe is entirely false for most people who call themselves feminists. My boyfriend and I take each other out for dinner about equally because it’s always nice to be invited. Where did you find this opinion?

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    • I completely take in your opinion. It’s not where I’ve heard this opinion from it’s my opinion and how I feel about modern day feminism. Today’s feminism teaches women to treat themselves as victims it’s advertised in many places. It’s not just about equality anymore and I truly believe it’s becoming an issue, we shouldn’t treat each other differently. Gender is becoming a tool especially for women and I view that as wrong.

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      • I agree that using gender (whatever it may be) as a tool is wrong. But that’s not feminism. Feminism is gender equality. Feminists can be men, women, and anything in between. It’s about not judging cis males for crying and it’s about giving women self-confidence. Feminism is not something people should be afraid of and its not something people should use to portray themselves as victims either.
        I found this article great because it’s not militant but just simple and clear: https://butimbrenda.com/2016/08/05/feminism/
        I respect your opinion, but I think it’s important to use these terms carefully.

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      • That’s exactly what feminism should be, but I’m sorry it’s not that anymore. Well over here it isn’t. I agree with you completely and that is what feminism should be. But in some parts, it’s now being taken out of hand. That is what I’m trying to state.

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      • “Feminism is equality”
        Theoretically that holds true. But the thing is that feminism is a political movement, not merely a belief. And as a movement we have to see how it attempts to bridge any existing inequalities. There method of bringing gaps is by attempting misandry. Not only are they easily triggered, but they seem extremely reluctant to hear the other side speak. Whenever you say something that contradicts their “women are victims” notion, they respond by calling you sexist and misogynistic rather than attacking your arguments.

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  3. Actually you are right at your place and even I feel men have to struggle more than women at some places. But the thing is, backward area still exists where women are treated like crap. And until and unless “feminism” is not sung out loud, it won’t reach to places where its really needed… and then, your boyfriend is good and educated but the reality is, 70% of male population in India still have the male ego. Its good you’re fighting for the 30 % even I support that, but the culprits are still there. Its a situation like every coin has two sides.

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      • Then I can only say… if thousands of women have suffered in the past, then few men suffering today, just to eradicate the problem they initiated, is equally fair… no victory is won without bruises. But yeah definitely, i agree your point. Its to be brought back to the original definition of feminism.


      • I agree but as you’re saying all the abuse to women was in the past..and that’s when feminism meant something! Yes nowadays of course women can still be harmed in relationships or any kind of abuse anywhere but so are men now, the percentages have raced up with men being abused but women have now abused the word feminism and use it as an excuse to be better than the opposite sex and that is not what feminism was all about, in the past women fought and fought hard for their rights so in modern day , women should not be using that and trying to become better than men. We are all equal, equal jobs now, equal lifestyles..neither sex should be harming that.

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    • Of course I do. That’s not the point I’m trying to put across. I don’t support modern day feminism, they’re belittling the voices of men, they’re not being equal. Women are overpowering men, that’s not what feminism is

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