That word that’s ‘stunning’ the public. Breastfeeding!

Let’s just get straight into it…Today I came across an article on the Daily Mail website about Sam Faiers ‘stunning’ the viewers as she breastfeeds her baby on live TV. Okay, hold on a second. Stuns the viewers? STUNS? Is that really a word to use? How can something so natural stun people who may have been breastfed themselves? So does the thought of yourself being breastfed stun you?

My last post was based on on me being all antifeminist but this might be a topic I can actually agree with. Men who discriminate women who are breastfeeding their own child, whether its in a restaurant, shopping centre or some kind of transport is just appalling. Why should a mother feel they can’t feed their baby wherever she is just because it might upset some passer byers (yes I think I just made a word up). Don’t get me wrong its not just men who point out women breastfeeding but if you can watch a young woman get her boobs out on TV or in strip clubs, even if a woman stripped in a middle of a shop, I can guarantee no male or even some females would complain! So why illuminate women FEEDING their child with a slight ‘side boob’ showing?

Sam Faiers gained all my respect when she had the confidence to feed her child when he needed it even if she was in a middle of a live interview. Her child came first, not the thought of the viewers; her baby was hungry so she fed him? There is nothing revolting in that matter whatsoever? If you can’t stomach a woman showing some of her skin to feed a baby don’t stop and discriminate her, don’t watch it?! Problem solved. To cause such a problem over breastfeeding that it is now all over social media is wrong. It doesn’t harm your life in any sort of way, if we was so many years back this would be the most normal/natural thing ever but now it’s known as a massive problem! Women should not feel like they can’t feed their children just because they’re in public.

BUT, yes here comes a but. On the other hand, breastfeeding someone else’s child; in my opinion I don’t think should be done. I literally know nothing about being a mother so I completely understand my view on this may be opposite to what mothers think but breastfeeding another child who isn’t your own I can see causing a lot of commotion. Isn’t a baby used to their own mothers scent and touch? Even the taste of her own milk, to then allow a stranger to step in a feed your child, I don’t know how to explain this one. I just don’t agree. What do you think? Could you do it?