La la la love.

When I was a young girl, I believed love would be just like the fairy tales.

A young prince charming would ride past on his horse and propose a marriage within the space of 3 minutes!
…….no I’m joking. But hey I’m back and with quite a personal post. So let me start again.

When I was a young girl, I believed love would be like the fairy tales, like the movies. With the red roses, romantic walks, running to the airport to stop the one you love getting away.

But real love, well my love, wasn’t that.

Truth is, love was never supposed to be like the movies or the cartoon fairytales. Love works in such a different way.

My kind of love is having my boyfriend give me half his food even though I said I wasn’t hungry, it’s waking up at silly o’clock to his snoring and holding back the urge to kick him off the bed. It’s taking the ultimate piss out of each other in public just to try and embarrass each other more. It’s the edgy fights but the memorable make ups.

Love isn’t meant to be pretty and romantic. It is falling through life with your best friend and being so happy doing so. It’s about sometimes feeling unstable in life but stable with them. They’re your worst person but most favourite person all wrapped into one.

I found my love at the age of 12 in a school surrounded by morons. I found my love in a pact hallway where all I can remember is his smirk. I found my love in an empty detention classroom where he would wait for me to escape.

It isn’t easy love, but it’s a ride I will never be getting off.

Love isn’t what they teach us from a young age, my love couldn’t be more different. But my god it’s my own little fairy tale, I hope to be writing for many more years to come.

Love is unwritten, its a clean page for two people to rewrite. And I’m still learning and writing everyday.

7 years on and still blossoming.