La la la love.

When I was a young girl, I believed love would be just like the fairy tales.

A young prince charming would ride past on his horse and propose a marriage within the space of 3 minutes!
…….no I’m joking. But hey I’m back and with quite a personal post. So let me start again.

When I was a young girl, I believed love would be like the fairy tales, like the movies. With the red roses, romantic walks, running to the airport to stop the one you love getting away.

But real love, well my love, wasn’t that.

Truth is, love was never supposed to be like the movies or the cartoon fairytales. Love works in such a different way.

My kind of love is having my boyfriend give me half his food even though I said I wasn’t hungry, it’s waking up at silly o’clock to his snoring and holding back the urge to kick him off the bed. It’s taking the ultimate piss out of each other in public just to try and embarrass each other more. It’s the edgy fights but the memorable make ups.

Love isn’t meant to be pretty and romantic. It is falling through life with your best friend and being so happy doing so. It’s about sometimes feeling unstable in life but stable with them. They’re your worst person but most favourite person all wrapped into one.

I found my love at the age of 12 in a school surrounded by morons. I found my love in a pact hallway where all I can remember is his smirk. I found my love in an empty detention classroom where he would wait for me to escape.

It isn’t easy love, but it’s a ride I will never be getting off.

Love isn’t what they teach us from a young age, my love couldn’t be more different. But my god it’s my own little fairy tale, I hope to be writing for many more years to come.

Love is unwritten, its a clean page for two people to rewrite. And I’m still learning and writing everyday.

7 years on and still blossoming.


Abortion, yes I said it. ABORTION.

Okay, this is a big topic that many people are going to have a strong opinion on. But I really need to get this topic out the way and spoken about because I am sick to death of seeing the same nasty comments about such a big choice.

Have you seen those kind of posts on Facebook that are along the lines of “When is it okay to kill this?” then shows three stages of pregnancy, or those big picture posts with bold lettering about how wrong abortion is. Well I fucking have.

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Ladies (and men), you have got to stop publishing these kind of comments about such an hard hitting subject to some girls. Many of these people who post these kind of comments has never even had to go through an abortion. Let me get this straight, so abortion is wrong? So for a girl to be raped and now impregnated, your telling me she has to live with that experience? You’re telling me that a young 16 year old girl has to bring up a child even though she knew she wasn’t ready or fit enough to be a mother? You’re seriously saying to girls that whatever way they got pregnant whether it was rape or stupidity they have no right in having an abortion? When in the first weeks of pregnancy that egg hasn’t even been developed yet to call that a child.

Are you actually kidding me?

Okay, let me be reasonable. Yes, its stupid for a young girl to be having sex unprotected to even get herself pregnant. But she’s young and she’s learning, she cannot be a mum…but you’re letting her read posts that encourage her to bring up a child with no money, no knowledge and no love? Yes, a woman who has been sexually abused can still have the strength to bring up her abusers child completely by herself, but for that one female who can’t live with the terrible thought, you’re letting her read these posts that call her a monster for aborting a child she knew she couldn’t cope with?

I have never been more angry with females who believe it is okay to let these women, who are battling this decision, to portray themselves as monsters just because they’re not able to give that child what it needs.
Becoming a parent is an amazing thing, an amazing thing that needs love and money. Not for someone to bring into the world when they just simply cannot do it.

I am always, and I mean always fair when it comes to peoples opinions, but by god this one has to stop! I agree that many women don’t believe in abortion, I never did. But I never broadcasted that opinion all over social media for another female to see who is going through that, to them push them into the wrong choice. How can older women believe it is okay to publish this message for young girls? Regardless what you believe in or not, making another individual feel like a monster for a decision that they just had to make, is disgusting.

People need to think about the things they are sharing on social media. I never truly understood how much a status, or a tweet could really affect someones life choice. Its crazy that in this society, the media is something we all listen to. And to see nasty opinions about such a big life choice, is straight up wrong.

Always stand up for what you believe in, but never let another person suffer. Period.

That word that’s ‘stunning’ the public. Breastfeeding!

Let’s just get straight into it…Today I came across an article on the Daily Mail website about Sam Faiers ‘stunning’ the viewers as she breastfeeds her baby on live TV. Okay, hold on a second. Stuns the viewers? STUNS? Is that really a word to use? How can something so natural stun people who may have been breastfed themselves? So does the thought of yourself being breastfed stun you?

My last post was based on on me being all antifeminist but this might be a topic I can actually agree with. Men who discriminate women who are breastfeeding their own child, whether its in a restaurant, shopping centre or some kind of transport is just appalling. Why should a mother feel they can’t feed their baby wherever she is just because it might upset some passer byers (yes I think I just made a word up). Don’t get me wrong its not just men who point out women breastfeeding but if you can watch a young woman get her boobs out on TV or in strip clubs, even if a woman stripped in a middle of a shop, I can guarantee no male or even some females would complain! So why illuminate women FEEDING their child with a slight ‘side boob’ showing?

Sam Faiers gained all my respect when she had the confidence to feed her child when he needed it even if she was in a middle of a live interview. Her child came first, not the thought of the viewers; her baby was hungry so she fed him? There is nothing revolting in that matter whatsoever? If you can’t stomach a woman showing some of her skin to feed a baby don’t stop and discriminate her, don’t watch it?! Problem solved. To cause such a problem over breastfeeding that it is now all over social media is wrong. It doesn’t harm your life in any sort of way, if we was so many years back this would be the most normal/natural thing ever but now it’s known as a massive problem! Women should not feel like they can’t feed their children just because they’re in public.

BUT, yes here comes a but. On the other hand, breastfeeding someone else’s child; in my opinion I don’t think should be done. I literally know nothing about being a mother so I completely understand my view on this may be opposite to what mothers think but breastfeeding another child who isn’t your own I can see causing a lot of commotion. Isn’t a baby used to their own mothers scent and touch? Even the taste of her own milk, to then allow a stranger to step in a feed your child, I don’t know how to explain this one. I just don’t agree. What do you think? Could you do it?


Right guy’s, I’m back! I apologise for the lack of my posting recently, exams and results and don’t forget the job hunting all got in the way of my passion for blogging! So I’m back and with a subject that’s really getting to me lately.

Feminism. A word that has been floating around the internet/news and even on our print. I am not a feminist, now let me just tell you why.

I understand, by posting this blog I am in the firing line from ‘feminist’ disagreeing with me and I am open to your views BUT. Feminist are becoming extremely popular because they’re fighting for the rights of a female voice, especially for equality with men and women. I do not agree with how they’re going about it…should men really always have to pay for any kind of outing with a girl? Is that equality? I don’t think so; I never let my boyfriend pay for a meal without me at least offering to go halves – thats just a standard ‘how not to be a bitch’ guideline.

But there is so much more on why I am not a feminist. They fight so much for our voices to be heard but once an individual (likely to be female) disagrees with this; Feminist attack. Feminist are making young women think its wrong for a boyfriend or even husband make us stay in or cook them a meal, they portray men as monsters…I will not bow down to modern day feminism because my boyfriend is not a monster for wanting me to stay home some nights!

The suffragettes fought hard for women’s rights, our rights to vote and to be heard. Now it’s just out of control and quite frankly belittling the opposite sex. I understand there can be men who do discriminate women, but not all men are like that, so why brainwash young girls into thinking they are? Feminism went from letting us be heard to shaming those who decide to stay at home and be a good partner. IT’S OUR DECISION, OUR CHOICE, OUR LIFE. I get more ‘discrimination’ of off women than I ever have men. Doesn’t that say something?

Ghostbusters! What do you think when you think of ghostbusters? That catchy song? Those 4 funny guys out fighting badly edited ghosts? Well now, in 2016 this is discrimination towards women because there was no female leading role. Really? The film was attacked so much, we now have a modern day ghostbusters with entirely women and one male who is completely portrayed as stupid. This isn’t right.

Modern day feminism has gained their voice but taken the voices of men. I do not need feminism because it is not empowering to use your gender as a tool.

Tinder? Really?

So, okay, I need to express how I feel about this new popular app (well not so new BUT) ‘Tinder’ am I the only person who doesn’t understand the concept?

Okay, now I get it, many people are attracted to others through their appearance. But why produce an app that is entirely about the way someone appears? You’re probably thinking – “Here she goes again, talking about body image” but guys seriously?! Tinder?!

Right, so we swipe left for ‘omg, yes’ and swipe right for ‘ew no’ someone help me understand why!? Oh and wait it gets better, when someone has also swiped left for your picture you have found a match, WOO. There’s also a ‘superlike’ button for when you really, and I mean really like someones photo…or their APPEARANCE.
But I was thinking, couldn’t there be catfishes on Tinder? Couldn’t they all be fake images? But researching into the app, I found out; Tinder only works if you have a Facebook account so their is “no way this app can be full of catfishes” But guys, come on now, on my Facebook my age is apparently 21 (don’t judge me, I was 12 when I created my Facebook) So anyone could pretend to be older? Younger? Even have fake Facebook pictures? Ooooo, I know, scary!

However, jokes aside and on a serious note. I really do not like this app. ‘Tinder’s app has been estimated 50 million people using the app every month with an average of 12 million matches per day’ let me adapt on this, so that’s around 10% of the population in some areas? I knew the world loved a bit of muscle and a ‘banging’ cleavage but how can 10% of a certain areas population, basically admit that they only go for a person if they fit the standards they have built. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

“Dad, how did you meet mum?” – “Well Son, it was in 2016 when I swiped left for her picture, she had her legs out, a good set of boobs and oh her eyes were alright too. She swiped left for me aswell and it was then a match at first swipe!” This will be the conversations dads have with their children in 5/10 years time! Where has the humanity gone? What happened to meeting someone OUTSIDE? Someone catching your eye because their smile was so bright? Everything is social media now and I get that, marketing through social media is through the roof and beats print hands down. But dating through social media is one thing I will never understand.

Tinder? No thank you.

Body Image levels are through the roof! Why!

Almost 10 million women in the UK ‘feel depressed’ because of the way they look! This is not okay.

According to research findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey reveal that only 63% of women aged 18-34 and 57% of women aged 35-49 are satisfied with their appearance.

But, in a world where every piece of media and male brains are obsessed with the way women’s bodies ‘should be’ but who says that can define us? And tell us what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t? No. The media bombards us with images of stick thin models which is classed as beauty who are usually undressed. Women’s bodies are blasted everywhere, billboards, television and magazines, but what body type are we frequently seeing? Young, thin, toned, white, large-breasted, non-disabled bodies and we can’t forget long legs. Funnily enough, this isn’t what those women really look like, this is what society needs to realise but however, because of how powerful the media ordeal is women still compare themselves to them ‘models’ anyway.

In 2014 a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image found that girls, just as young as 5 are worrying about their weight/size and appearance, and that 1 in 4 seven-year-old girls have already tried to loose weight at least once. But yet ‘body confidence’ is still not rated as a serious problem?!

Although saying, women quite a lot throughout this article men still extremely suffer with body image. Only three quarters of men are satisfied with their appearance. More men are now worrying about their body shape, with the media saying ‘How to get rid of your beer belly!’ ‘Never go bald with our…’ this increases mens anxiety than trying to save it. More than 4 in 5 (80.7%) men talk in ways that promote anxiety about the way they appear by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared with 75% of women. Similarly, 38% of men are more likely to sacrifice at least 12 months of their life in exchange of gaining a perfect body – again, this is a higher proportion than women.

This is such a growing issue with men and women, but now men are becoming more aware and seem to be falling into the body image trap.

If anyone is suffering, know that you’re not alone! There are many helplines and organisations you can access for help.

The National Eating Disorder supply a toll-free, confidential Helpline. Monday-Thursdays from 9am – 9pm!


Being Different.

Individuality is something many of us struggle with. Following trends and the latest fashion we all are extremely guilty for. Adults always say “Just be yourself” “Don’t follow a crowd” but if I wanted to do that I would get bullied or judged? What if I wanted to dye my hair green and wear dark make up? That’s not classed as normal in society so I would get judged and made to think what I had just decided to do was wrong.

But that’s what is wrong with people! People telling us that we are wrong. Because we are not wrong. Girls and boys with brightly coloured hair or amazing coloured eye contacts are just as beautiful as any “normal” young person in this society, what gave you the right to say they’re not?

Have you ever been through that stage where you just want to change something drastically whether thats the colour of your hair or your fashion sense? I have. Baggy jeans, bagging jumpers and rock n roll T-shirts are the kind of fashion I would love to go out and rock in! But because society is so used to me wearing the clothing everyone else wears I’m now known for that, so known for that, that even if I wanted to go out in a fashion like this everyone would be like “what has she done to herself?” “oh, that doesn’t suit her at all!”

But I’m sick of this, I’m sick of seeing this constantly in my day to day life. Girls and even boys getting bullied or made fun out of just because of the way they present themselves… if that makes them happy why do you feel the need to comment on it? You don’t. Your silly opinion shouldn’t need to be said, is it hurting you how they look? Is it ruining how you live your life? No, its not at all and you should never put someone down when you can clearly see how happy they are expressing themselves in that kind of manner.

Don’t judge what you don’t know – something we all need to learn!