That word that’s ‘stunning’ the public. Breastfeeding!

Let’s just get straight into it…Today I came across an article on the Daily Mail website about Sam Faiers ‘stunning’ the viewers as she breastfeeds her baby on live TV. Okay, hold on a second. Stuns the viewers? STUNS? Is that really a word to use? How can something so natural stun people who may have been breastfed themselves? So does the thought of yourself being breastfed stun you?

My last post was based on on me being all antifeminist but this might be a topic I can actually agree with. Men who discriminate women who are breastfeeding their own child, whether its in a restaurant, shopping centre or some kind of transport is just appalling. Why should a mother feel they can’t feed their baby wherever she is just because it might upset some passer byers (yes I think I just made a word up). Don’t get me wrong its not just men who point out women breastfeeding but if you can watch a young woman get her boobs out on TV or in strip clubs, even if a woman stripped in a middle of a shop, I can guarantee no male or even some females would complain! So why illuminate women FEEDING their child with a slight ‘side boob’ showing?

Sam Faiers gained all my respect when she had the confidence to feed her child when he needed it even if she was in a middle of a live interview. Her child came first, not the thought of the viewers; her baby was hungry so she fed him? There is nothing revolting in that matter whatsoever? If you can’t stomach a woman showing some of her skin to feed a baby don’t stop and discriminate her, don’t watch it?! Problem solved. To cause such a problem over breastfeeding that it is now all over social media is wrong. It doesn’t harm your life in any sort of way, if we was so many years back this would be the most normal/natural thing ever but now it’s known as a massive problem! Women should not feel like they can’t feed their children just because they’re in public.

BUT, yes here comes a but. On the other hand, breastfeeding someone else’s child; in my opinion I don’t think should be done. I literally know nothing about being a mother so I completely understand my view on this may be opposite to what mothers think but breastfeeding another child who isn’t your own I can see causing a lot of commotion. Isn’t a baby used to their own mothers scent and touch? Even the taste of her own milk, to then allow a stranger to step in a feed your child, I don’t know how to explain this one. I just don’t agree. What do you think? Could you do it?



Right guy’s, I’m back! I apologise for the lack of my posting recently, exams and results and don’t forget the job hunting all got in the way of my passion for blogging! So I’m back and with a subject that’s really getting to me lately.

Feminism. A word that has been floating around the internet/news and even on our print. I am not a feminist, now let me just tell you why.

I understand, by posting this blog I am in the firing line from ‘feminist’ disagreeing with me and I am open to your views BUT. Feminist are becoming extremely popular because they’re fighting for the rights of a female voice, especially for equality with men and women. I do not agree with how they’re going about it…should men really always have to pay for any kind of outing with a girl? Is that equality? I don’t think so; I never let my boyfriend pay for a meal without me at least offering to go halves – thats just a standard ‘how not to be a bitch’ guideline.

But there is so much more on why I am not a feminist. They fight so much for our voices to be heard but once an individual (likely to be female) disagrees with this; Feminist attack. Feminist are making young women think its wrong for a boyfriend or even husband make us stay in or cook them a meal, they portray men as monsters…I will not bow down to modern day feminism because my boyfriend is not a monster for wanting me to stay home some nights!

The suffragettes fought hard for women’s rights, our rights to vote and to be heard. Now it’s just out of control and quite frankly belittling the opposite sex. I understand there can be men who do discriminate women, but not all men are like that, so why brainwash young girls into thinking they are? Feminism went from letting us be heard to shaming those who decide to stay at home and be a good partner. IT’S OUR DECISION, OUR CHOICE, OUR LIFE. I get more ‘discrimination’ of off women than I ever have men. Doesn’t that say something?

Ghostbusters! What do you think when you think of ghostbusters? That catchy song? Those 4 funny guys out fighting badly edited ghosts? Well now, in 2016 this is discrimination towards women because there was no female leading role. Really? The film was attacked so much, we now have a modern day ghostbusters with entirely women and one male who is completely portrayed as stupid. This isn’t right.

Modern day feminism has gained their voice but taken the voices of men. I do not need feminism because it is not empowering to use your gender as a tool.

Tinder? Really?

So, okay, I need to express how I feel about this new popular app (well not so new BUT) ‘Tinder’ am I the only person who doesn’t understand the concept?

Okay, now I get it, many people are attracted to others through their appearance. But why produce an app that is entirely about the way someone appears? You’re probably thinking – “Here she goes again, talking about body image” but guys seriously?! Tinder?!

Right, so we swipe left for ‘omg, yes’ and swipe right for ‘ew no’ someone help me understand why!? Oh and wait it gets better, when someone has also swiped left for your picture you have found a match, WOO. There’s also a ‘superlike’ button for when you really, and I mean really like someones photo…or their APPEARANCE.
But I was thinking, couldn’t there be catfishes on Tinder? Couldn’t they all be fake images? But researching into the app, I found out; Tinder only works if you have a Facebook account so their is “no way this app can be full of catfishes” But guys, come on now, on my Facebook my age is apparently 21 (don’t judge me, I was 12 when I created my Facebook) So anyone could pretend to be older? Younger? Even have fake Facebook pictures? Ooooo, I know, scary!

However, jokes aside and on a serious note. I really do not like this app. ‘Tinder’s app has been estimated 50 million people using the app every month with an average of 12 million matches per day’ let me adapt on this, so that’s around 10% of the population in some areas? I knew the world loved a bit of muscle and a ‘banging’ cleavage but how can 10% of a certain areas population, basically admit that they only go for a person if they fit the standards they have built. WAKE UP PEOPLE.

“Dad, how did you meet mum?” – “Well Son, it was in 2016 when I swiped left for her picture, she had her legs out, a good set of boobs and oh her eyes were alright too. She swiped left for me aswell and it was then a match at first swipe!” This will be the conversations dads have with their children in 5/10 years time! Where has the humanity gone? What happened to meeting someone OUTSIDE? Someone catching your eye because their smile was so bright? Everything is social media now and I get that, marketing through social media is through the roof and beats print hands down. But dating through social media is one thing I will never understand.

Tinder? No thank you.

Being Different.

Individuality is something many of us struggle with. Following trends and the latest fashion we all are extremely guilty for. Adults always say “Just be yourself” “Don’t follow a crowd” but if I wanted to do that I would get bullied or judged? What if I wanted to dye my hair green and wear dark make up? That’s not classed as normal in society so I would get judged and made to think what I had just decided to do was wrong.

But that’s what is wrong with people! People telling us that we are wrong. Because we are not wrong. Girls and boys with brightly coloured hair or amazing coloured eye contacts are just as beautiful as any “normal” young person in this society, what gave you the right to say they’re not?

Have you ever been through that stage where you just want to change something drastically whether thats the colour of your hair or your fashion sense? I have. Baggy jeans, bagging jumpers and rock n roll T-shirts are the kind of fashion I would love to go out and rock in! But because society is so used to me wearing the clothing everyone else wears I’m now known for that, so known for that, that even if I wanted to go out in a fashion like this everyone would be like “what has she done to herself?” “oh, that doesn’t suit her at all!”

But I’m sick of this, I’m sick of seeing this constantly in my day to day life. Girls and even boys getting bullied or made fun out of just because of the way they present themselves… if that makes them happy why do you feel the need to comment on it? You don’t. Your silly opinion shouldn’t need to be said, is it hurting you how they look? Is it ruining how you live your life? No, its not at all and you should never put someone down when you can clearly see how happy they are expressing themselves in that kind of manner.

Don’t judge what you don’t know – something we all need to learn!


Valentines day? What a pressured kind of day. Where we are pressured into buying soppy gifts or arranging the best kind of day for our loved ones.  When in reality valentines day is a day where couples feel happy about themselves and single/unhappy couples just feel, well, crappy about themselves.

Why do flowers and chocolates need to be presented to our other half to show passion and romance? Shouldn’t those two key words be something that comes naturally in the relationship? Or has society really gotten this bad in making us believe that one day should define all our affection for one another?

Now don’t get me wrong, yes, even I get excited over valentines day. When maybe my boyfriends right? Its just a damned day! I shouldn’t need to show MORE love on just a made up day.

Now saying all this, yes, yes I will always say “Happy Valentines day” and the little date you go on, but without the sentence that’s our normal kind of day out? We’ve just added a passionate sentence to show we’ve acknowledged what the day is.

What I’m trying to say is that, don’t go out and beyond for ONE day. Why not once a week? Why not every Sunday? One day should never define how much you love someone. And if you think that one day should define all this then that means you should get off your arse and show your girlfriend/boyfriend MORE LOVE.

Part Timers!

From the ages 16 to around 18, we get stuck in that terrible part time job! But we need the money so we stick to it, we stick through the disrespect from customers and even managers!

But am I the only one that believes us teens get disrespected within a part time job just because we are part timers? Just because we are young? The bosses/managers of your work place know that the only reason you are staying there is because of the money! We only gain, what £3 something an hour? £3 an hour of disrespect!

This is another crucial part of growing up, this is what our parents push us into as soon as its your 16th birthday! “You can go out and get a part time job now!” “You can earn your own money now!” well thanks for the Happy 16th mum and dad!

Our parents will never understand some of the struggles teenagers in our days go through now, it always leads back to that dreaded “well, when I was your age…” But your not my age, and quite frankly you don’t know half of the crap us teenagers have to go through.

The worst thing about a part time job is the customers! “Hiya Sir, do you need any help?” *man walks away with a disgusted look on his face* What happened to ‘No thank you’ !! Being a young girl in the workplace some how gives older men the ability to confront us? To discriminate us just because we are a young girl trying to get through a days work. One time, a man backed me into a corner not letting me move away…THATS NOT OKAY. Since when would that ever be okay? But because I’m a young girl, people let it slide, people don’t see how bad or scary that could be for me; because I’m only a young girl working in a part time job that no one gives a damn about.


That dreaded feeling.

Sticking with the emotions of my blog (DEPRESSING) here comes another subject that causes emotional stress.

You know that dreaded feeling you begin to get when you involve yourself in an heated argument with your partner? That ball at the back of your throat where you desperately try to fight back your tears because it’s not that “deep”.

Conflict in relationships is what keeps it alive right? But why does it hurt so much? If it’s meant to keep the flame alive between the two, why does it cause pain? In fairness, yes what is a relationship without arguments, if your not getting sick of each other at any point then your not in the relationship for the right reasons.

But my point of view – being in a relationship for so long at such a young age, does cause petty arguments. Arguments about who said what, untidiness, being in the way, distracting each other when we are doing something we like and being ungrateful for the little things we do for each other. See when we argue, one needs the space and time apart whereas the other needs attention…needs to be fought for. The day we begin to stop bothering to argue back is the day feelings begin to fade, but when one person is fighting for it to be resolved and the other just wants space, there is no winning! What happened to the days when the passion was so strong that each of you couldn’t stand to argue with each other, felt sick to your stomach when you knew they are about to go to bed distraught? I guess, I guess relationships are not always fair, you need to learn to expand and accept the way your partner handles things; me being so young means I still have so much to learn, which I need to take in and view as a positive thing. But what I do know, if you love someone with all your heart and soul you don’t let them forget it, whether that makes you clingy or annoying you do not let the one you love think they’re not as loved as they truly are; otherwise what are you doing in that relationship?