Abortion, yes I said it. ABORTION.

Okay, this is a big topic that many people are going to have a strong opinion on. But I really need to get this topic out the way and spoken about because I am sick to death of seeing the same nasty comments about such a big choice.

Have you seen those kind of posts on Facebook that are along the lines of “When is it okay to kill this?” then shows three stages of pregnancy, or those big picture posts with bold lettering about how wrong abortion is. Well I fucking have.

THIS HAS GOT TO STOP. Ladies (and men), you have got to stop publishing these kind of comments about such an hard hitting subject to some girls. Many of these people who post these kind of comments has never even had to go through an abortion. Let me get this straight, so abortion is wrong? So for a girl to be raped and now impregnated, your telling me she has to live with that experience? You’re telling me that a young 16 year old girl has to bring up a child even though she knew she wasn’t ready or fit enough to be a mother? You’re seriously saying to girls that whatever way they got pregnant whether it was rape or stupidity they have no right in having an abortion? When in the first weeks of pregnancy that egg hasn’t even been developed yet to call that a child.

Are you actually kidding me?

Okay, let me be reasonable. Yes, its stupid for a young girl to be having sex unprotected to even get herself pregnant. But she’s young and she’s learning, she cannot be a mum…but you’re letting her read posts that encourage her to bring up a child with no money, no knowledge and no love? Yes, a woman who has been sexually abused can still have the strength to bring up her abusers child completely by herself, but for that one female who can’t live with the terrible thought, you’re letting her read these posts that call her a monster for aborting a child she knew she couldn’t cope with?

I have never been more angry with females who believe it is okay to let these women, who are battling this decision, to portray themselves as monsters just because they’re not able to give that child what it needs.
Becoming a parent is an amazing thing, an amazing thing that needs love and money. Not for someone to bring into the world when they just simply cannot do it.

I am always, and I mean always fair when it comes to peoples opinions, but by god this one has to stop! I agree that many women don’t believe in abortion, I never did. But I never broadcasted that opinion all over social media for another female to see who is going through that, to them push them into the wrong choice. How can older women believe it is okay to publish this message for young girls? Regardless what you believe in or not, making another individual feel like a monster for a decision that they just had to make, is disgusting.

People need to think about the things they are sharing on social media. I never truly understood how much a status, or a tweet could really affect someones life choice. Its crazy that in this society, the media is something we all listen to. And to see nasty opinions about such a big life choice, is straight up wrong.

Always stand up for what you believe in, but never let another person suffer. Period.



Valentines day? What a pressured kind of day. Where we are pressured into buying soppy gifts or arranging the best kind of day for our loved ones.  When in reality valentines day is a day where couples feel happy about themselves and single/unhappy couples just feel, well, crappy about themselves.

Why do flowers and chocolates need to be presented to our other half to show passion and romance? Shouldn’t those two key words be something that comes naturally in the relationship? Or has society really gotten this bad in making us believe that one day should define all our affection for one another?

Now don’t get me wrong, yes, even I get excited over valentines day. When maybe my boyfriends right? Its just a damned day! I shouldn’t need to show MORE love on just a made up day.

Now saying all this, yes, yes I will always say “Happy Valentines day” and the little date you go on, but without the sentence that’s our normal kind of day out? We’ve just added a passionate sentence to show we’ve acknowledged what the day is.

What I’m trying to say is that, don’t go out and beyond for ONE day. Why not once a week? Why not every Sunday? One day should never define how much you love someone. And if you think that one day should define all this then that means you should get off your arse and show your girlfriend/boyfriend MORE LOVE.

That dreaded feeling.

Sticking with the emotions of my blog (DEPRESSING) here comes another subject that causes emotional stress.

You know that dreaded feeling you begin to get when you involve yourself in an heated argument with your partner? That ball at the back of your throat where you desperately try to fight back your tears because it’s not that “deep”.

Conflict in relationships is what keeps it alive right? But why does it hurt so much? If it’s meant to keep the flame alive between the two, why does it cause pain? In fairness, yes what is a relationship without arguments, if your not getting sick of each other at any point then your not in the relationship for the right reasons.

But my point of view – being in a relationship for so long at such a young age, does cause petty arguments. Arguments about who said what, untidiness, being in the way, distracting each other when we are doing something we like and being ungrateful for the little things we do for each other. See when we argue, one needs the space and time apart whereas the other needs attention…needs to be fought for. The day we begin to stop bothering to argue back is the day feelings begin to fade, but when one person is fighting for it to be resolved and the other just wants space, there is no winning! What happened to the days when the passion was so strong that each of you couldn’t stand to argue with each other, felt sick to your stomach when you knew they are about to go to bed distraught? I guess, I guess relationships are not always fair, you need to learn to expand and accept the way your partner handles things; me being so young means I still have so much to learn, which I need to take in and view as a positive thing. But what I do know, if you love someone with all your heart and soul you don’t let them forget it, whether that makes you clingy or annoying you do not let the one you love think they’re not as loved as they truly are; otherwise what are you doing in that relationship?