Body Image levels are through the roof! Why!

Almost 10 million women in the UK ‘feel depressed’ because of the way they look! This is not okay.

According to research findings from the British Social Attitudes Survey reveal that only 63% of women aged 18-34 and 57% of women aged 35-49 are satisfied with their appearance.

But, in a world where every piece of media and male brains are obsessed with the way women’s bodies ‘should be’ but who says that can define us? And tell us what is ‘normal’ and what isn’t? No. The media bombards us with images of stick thin models which is classed as beauty who are usually undressed. Women’s bodies are blasted everywhere, billboards, television and magazines, but what body type are we frequently seeing? Young, thin, toned, white, large-breasted, non-disabled bodies and we can’t forget long legs. Funnily enough, this isn’t what those women really look like, this is what society needs to realise but however, because of how powerful the media ordeal is women still compare themselves to them ‘models’ anyway.

In 2014 a report by the All Party Parliamentary Group on Body Image found that girls, just as young as 5 are worrying about their weight/size and appearance, and that 1 in 4 seven-year-old girls have already tried to loose weight at least once. But yet ‘body confidence’ is still not rated as a serious problem?!

Although saying, women quite a lot throughout this article men still extremely suffer with body image. Only three quarters of men are satisfied with their appearance. More men are now worrying about their body shape, with the media saying ‘How to get rid of your beer belly!’ ‘Never go bald with our…’ this increases mens anxiety than trying to save it. More than 4 in 5 (80.7%) men talk in ways that promote anxiety about the way they appear by referring to perceived flaws and imperfections, compared with 75% of women. Similarly, 38% of men are more likely to sacrifice at least 12 months of their life in exchange of gaining a perfect body – again, this is a higher proportion than women.

This is such a growing issue with men and women, but now men are becoming more aware and seem to be falling into the body image trap.

If anyone is suffering, know that you’re not alone! There are many helplines and organisations you can access for help.

The National Eating Disorder supply a toll-free, confidential Helpline. Monday-Thursdays from 9am – 9pm!